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Rolland Real Estate
Rolland Real EstateOver the course of nearly half a decade, Rolland Real Estate has been a leading property development company based in California. William Rolland began his real estate endeavors during his time as a firefighter in the 1960's. When others were unwilling or afraid to build properties on land with steep inclines, and on the infamous California coast cliff-sides, Rolland helped pioneer a new age of design and construction. This stemmed from one of his main passions in life, architecture. Currently, Rolland Real Estate owns and manages over 25 properties, both commercial and residential, across the nation. The most recent and most expansive architectural project taken on by Rolland was the construction the $10 million William Rolland Football Stadium and William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art for Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California.
Rolland Racing Museum
William Rolland has always been fascinated by the performance, uniqueness, and rarity of high performance automobiles. During the 1950’s, he joined ...
Firefighters Foundation
During his time as a firefighter, William Rolland gave meaning to the word dedication...