Rolland Racing Museum
Rolland Racing MuseumWilliam Rolland has always been fascinated by the performance, uniqueness, and rarity of high performance automobiles. During the 1950’s, he joined the Shadoff Chrysler team to help construct one of the fastest vehicles ever built. They were going after the land speed record in their class at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. To this day he still has a passion for performance and speed.

In 2010, Rolland opened The Rolland Racing Museum, a private automobile exhibit located in Newbury Park, California. Associated with The William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art at Cal Lutheran University, the museum is the home to a variety of collectible racing cars, including a Ferrari 360 Modena, 4 Indianapolis race cars, 4 midget race cars from the 1950’s, and a custom 1923 Ford Model T hot rod. Rolland continues to expand to the collection with collectible automobiles which will periodically be rotated into the collection at the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art.